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SAGE Data Sheet

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Data Integrity -- Was the correct version of each file used in the process, or did some out-of-date or stray data creep in to the process?

SAGE manages the location and status of the tools, files, and scripts in the flow. It understands the files' logical dependencies - it knows whether they're up-to-date or not.

Flow Standardization -- What are the specific commands and command-line arguments? What environment variables are necessary for a tool?

SAGE provides a living, working vision of the flow, including command-line arguments and UNIX environments. The SAGE model of a flow is a working standard that can be understood and re-used.

Flow Integrity -- Were all the steps performed correctly so far? Were the right tools used at the right time? And what step is next?

SAGE maintains a database identifying the exact tools used, when they were used, and what the results were. Transparent to the user, SAGE tracks what tasks have been performed, as well as those that are to be performed next.

Project Tracking -- Where am I right now? Which jobs ran? Which ones failed or passed? Where are the reports associated with that step in the flow?

SAGE controls the operation of the flow by launching jobs, sequentially or in parallel, waiting for previous steps to complete or for the required prerequisites to be met. SAGE can run jobs locally, or distribute them using a job queuing system.